Diarrhea-Related Hemorrhoid Problems After Cholecystectomy

Published: 03rd August 2009
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Long-suffering gallbladder patients know the torment of unexpected diarrhea. It's humiliating and nerve-wracking trying to get to the toilet before an "accident" happens. I have had it happen at the mall and even one time at work. When your gallbladder is removed, your body can no longer regulate the dispersal of bile into your digestive system. So after a meal containing fat, oil, or spices, you often get "the trots."

And that's not all that happens. Explosive diarrhea can irritate the anus enough to lead to acute bout of hemorrhoids. High-force liquid excrement not only puts excess pressure on delicate anal veins, but can actually tear the anal tissue causing a fissure. Which really complicates matters because fissues are so slow to heal. I used "the leading over the counter brand" hemorrhoid suppositories for a year for my anal fissures with no improvement. (I'll explain why they don't help, in a bit.)

The opposite problem of constipation also has bad consequences for hemorrhoids, as you strain to push out a large impacted stool through an inflamed anus. Ouch! Of course, you've heard and you "Know" you need to eat a low-fat diet and drink ample clear fluids every day. Mild gentle exercise also helps in every way, too. Instead of strong morning coffee, try a spoonful of fiber laxative in decaf or weak tea to speed hemorrhoid healing.

Did your doctor prescribe a prescription besides? Some common anticholestrol drugs also help chronic diarrhea because they help bile acids pass soundly through your system without irritating. But like many other people, you may not be able to stand the adverse effects or drug interactions with this medication. In this case, please think about trying a natural remedy to calm your hemorrhoids an improve your digestive health.

Ancient writers complained of hemorrhoids, so we know it's an ancient problem. Depending on the culture, people have tried plants such as aloe to calm tissues or minerals like alum to actually shrink swollen veins. By sopping your anal area in an herbal solution, you get to remain clean while getting the benefits of the healing herbs.

Chinese make time-tested herbal tonics to ease all aspects of digestive problems. Chinese medicine is expert at herbal preparations that dwindle your hemorrhoids to normal size. I recently bought an e-book called H Miracle crammed with recipes for making your own healing hemorrhoid creams, ointments, soaks, and compresses in the privacy of your home, using very common items you can find in your store (or even in your yard!).

H Miracle is an instant download that just amazed me, as it contains a wealth of herbal secrets that work--in some cases, FAST-- to ease hemorrhoids. Using this guide, you can make your own hemorrhoid treatments and be in control of your own wellness. H Miracle also gives guidance on common herbal supplements marketed to hemorrhoid sufferers. If you want to try those, give H Miracle a look - they tell you where you can find these products (hint: they're EASY to find!) I am using the special cold compress made from a common frozen fruit and cheesecloth. This fruit has natural "styptic" action, meaning it stops bleeding and calms swelling. As a freelancer, I can sit at my desk and work all day without interruption as long as I have my cold hemorrhoid compress.

The remedies found in H Miracle are giving me relief like the "leading hemorrhoid cream" never did. All the leading brand did was mess up my underwear with leakage, and sometimes give me a racing pulse, which is no fun. (To be honest, it did relieve my severe itching at first, but quit working at all after about a week. Which is why I'm here one year later writing to you about hemorrhoid products!)

It's great to be living life comfortably again. I love being oblivious to my butt! People with hemorrhoids know what I'm talking about. Let diarrhea-related hemorrhoids be a thing of the past with H Miracle.

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